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I Bet That Be What It Takes For Me

You See? So WTF?!

26 September 1979
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About Slacker_97:
I'm just trying to make it one day at a time. Living in the lovely state of Utah in the only place with life in it, Salt Lake City (not that you couldn't just read that above) My days consist of sitting in front of a computer the first half of the day at work and the second half of the day at home. But it's a nice system. I love getting out, playing games, writing, watching indie movies and listening to anything someone says I should give a chance. Because what is life other than a series of experiments. And I'll try anything once, twice if I like it.
About My LJ:
Well, for the most part my LJ is a mix of real life things going on in my life, which is rarely interesting but mildly amusing (I think I'm funny), to even more random thoughts on my numerous interests. Said interests include those listed above and so much more. Actually, it had a lot more but when there was that whole "OMG LJ is censoring us!!!" I took some out. Better safe than sorry. Just because I enjoy listening to Duran Duran doesn't mean I should be punished by LJ for questionable content. There's nothing good about what you do Duran Duran. HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME! And there's a lot of random, no point whatsoever comments like that in my posts too. Beware!
This is something HEY, and I don't know what to say. I'm filling in this space, and trying not to ... screw it! So in other words, I'm just typing here until I've come up with some meaningful content to put here. Can you believe how much of a hassle Photobucket gave me for uploading that image up there? You can't because you weren't there? Well I was, and it was a pain in the ass. Ha! I said 'Ass' You know, I can say a lot more than just that. But instead of saying it here, you can look through my LJ and find those big bad words. They're there, I don't lie. Well, I don't lie often. Like I'm not lying now when I say I'm the Prime Minister of Funland. All welcome to...I'll stop.
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She also has a blog where you can see her creations come to life and other neat looks into her life. You can find that blog here! It's cool, but don't take my word for it!
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