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14 May 2011 @ 03:07 am
From Twitter 05-13-2011  

  • 01:05:51: Why am I still up? Maybe all the booze I've been drinking. Dear god, I better drink more when I wake up.
  • 08:13:21: As a responsible adult, my morning consisted of only one shot of vodka, instead of the usual two. YA!
  • 08:18:07: Woke up around 4AM with a terrible calf cramp and since my bedroom is an obstacle course, it was like the pain olympics getting out of bed
  • 08:20:42: Since I drank most of last night,I woke up with a leg cramp & passed out on the couch trying not to vomit.DRINKING! You can do it too kids!
  • 08:29:08: When the #FF mentions start pouring in, know new followers that I'm just a regular joe like you. Not some GOD-like tweeter. Demigod maybe.
  • 08:35:55: Not so distant future conversation: HIM: Hey, you hear that guy puking in the men's room? ME: Dude! That was totally me!!!
  • 09:07:07: Apparently while I thought getting five hours of sleep was tough on me the next day, three is proving even more trying. #sleepy
  • 09:38:21: If you spend all day on Twitter and don't get at least one #FF mention, it's not because no one loves you. No wait, that's EXACTLY why.
  • 09:40:50: I feel like I should do something special today. Something that really says "Today is your day!" Hmm, I'm gonna snort coke. Who's in?!
  • 09:43:10: Do people even do coke anymore? Or is it more like laser disc players where it's cool when you see someone with one but you don't use it.
  • 10:02:06: I guy just walked up to me and offered for hand me nuts. So tired I just shook my head and said no. Awful, right? #sleepy
  • 10:48:38: Yes, I'm so sleepy I resorted to taking my morning break in a men's room stall and sleeping on the wall. Fortunately, I didn't fall. #sleepy
  • 13:00:55: Need to get past my discomfort when it comes to sleeping on the grass outside of work because I need a nap like you need me to stop tweeting
  • 13:18:32: At desk trying to work, can't stay awake. Outside with time to rest, can't fall asleep. This is, as you can guess, frustrating.
  • 13:41:15: Sometimes I'm so desperate for interaction with others I check my SPAM folder in gmail. Sadly, it too is usually disappointing.
  • 13:42:23: Saying I'm desperate for interaction makes it seem like I'd beg and plead for others to talk to me. So, uh, please don't make me.
  • 13:44:44: Can you be a vegetarian and think that the smell of cooked meat is delicious? Wouldn't that be like an Athiest going to church to hang out?
  • 13:48:39: I find getting twitter friends to chat with me is a little like playing the penny slots. Mostly, if you win, it's still loose change.
  • 13:50:06: That's not a comment on the people I do chat with from here. You people are awesome. In fact, a little TOO awesome. Am I getting Punk'd?!
  • 17:08:05: Curses! I've been tricked by the hands-free hello that wasn't a hello. And of course, i said hello.

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