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11 May 2011 @ 03:07 am
From Twitter 05-10-2011  

  • 07:33:33: CAT:meow,meow!meow?Meow!?Meow!!MEOW!!! *run away* Meow?... *Run & jump back* Mmmeeeooowww... ME: WHAT?! CAT:meow?
  • 08:03:41: Happy Birthday to one of the best Twitter people on here, @mocoddle. Smiles, hugs and all things good to you !
  • 08:25:29: Morning! I'm in a slightly better mood than I was yesterday,but of course I'm not entirely awake yet too.My "Sad 2" playlist will fix this!
  • 08:33:41: Been told twice in the last few days not to apologize unless I've done something to merit it.Clearly they didn't get that thing I sent'em
  • 08:38:50: I make barely enough money to survive on. I've got crippling debt. I work a job that's the same thing every day. Yep, living the dream!
  • 08:40:54: We're the captains of our own destiny. The master and commander. The stars of our own movie. But "Vincent" shouldn't be your theme song.
  • 08:42:58: I burn bridges because it's easier to destroy than create. Also, I'm kind of a pyro. Ooh! Fire!
  • 08:47:49: Should've been listening to 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" this weekend for the "big boys don't cry" part of my drunken emotional breakdown
  • 09:13:21: Why is La Strada on one of my grooveshark playlists? I'm sure I added it but I have no idea what would have caused me to. *shrugs*
  • 09:26:14: My friend tells me that I let people walk all over me. I didn't think so but I guess if she says so, it must be true.
  • 09:38:18: Not quite 10 and I already need a cigarette. Oral fixation? Stress? Self-destructive attitude? Are they really that much different?
  • 10:40:19: And if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice, through the dark turns and noise of this wicked little town.
  • 10:43:08: If it wasn't for the beautiful melodies used to make most Bread songs, I wouldn't listen to them because the lyrics are kind of ridiculous.
  • 10:44:50: Downer party at my twitter! Bring your best sad songs and booze!
  • 12:45:34: I've got lots of friends. Yes but then again, nobody knows me at all.
  • 14:27:41: Sometimes I think life has a scale on me that says "You can have this get better, but I'm going to make this worse. FOREVER STRUGGLING!" :(
  • 14:28:40: I've got this constant sense of stress that makes life hard to live. It's called "money" Mayhaps you've heard of it?
  • 14:44:04: WANTED: Partner willing to stay with me when I get so fat I need a rag on a stick to clean myself, and my wife leaves me. Must start in 2012
  • 17:14:28: Power comes from having knowledge, mostly knowledge over others. So i hope tipping my hand won't bite me in the ass.
  • 17:18:48: Vague tweets are so fun, especially for the person tweeting them with a bad memory. Oh the 'WTF did i mean?!' to come.
  • 17:48:59: Bring on Tuesday night :) Hope you're all having a good one.

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