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07 May 2011 @ 03:03 am
From Twitter 05-06-2011  

  • 12:02:40: Morning task that's usually done by 9 isn't handled until 12,3 hours longer than usual.On the bright side,I messed up everyone's lunch times
  • 13:45:25: Seems Jesus is following me now or rather, @WWJDinSLC.I'd like to think he's Jesus from Loose Fur's "The Ruling Class" trying to get down.
  • 13:56:25: Do I need to be near suicidal before I get my George Bailey miracle?
  • 14:06:39: What? @alton_brown has a twitter account?!Why can't I double follow people?Is there a favorite button for people?Are you following him yet?!
  • 14:14:50: I'm told I overthink things, which is true, but I do it in a very braindead sort of way.
  • 14:16:49: The sound of a power drill makes my teeth ache. That or all the sugar and jerky I've been munching on all day long.
  • 14:18:08: I love turkey jerky. It's delicious AND it sounds funny to say. Go on! Turkey jerky!
  • 15:49:55: I think I'm done with this whole friendships thing. Can't we skip right to angry sex and not-so-secretly hating each other?
  • 16:03:03: Believe me kids, when I do something stupid, I go all out. No half assing the huge mistakes for this guy…rather, this animated dog!
  • 16:32:55: As proven a few times today and numerous times in the past, if I had a super power, it would be to be friendly at inconvenient times.
  • 16:33:59: My second super power would be the ability to emit a weird cheetos like funk. OK, these aren't super powers. They're why I have no friends.
  • 16:38:00: I think I'm going to be creative this weekend. At least, I'LL know it was creative. Hopefully Homicide thinks it's accidental.
  • 16:55:27: I'm always very surprised when people say they like my tweets and me by association. I just want to say "Who is this ME you like so much?!"
  • 17:25:14: I almost mentally yelled at someone for wearing the same thing i saw them in before, then i realized before was this AM
  • 18:44:54: Enjoying a lovely Spring day out at a coffee shop - http://yfrog.com/gzp56htj
  • 23:42:57: Had a good night out with old and new friends. Drank tons of beer that did NOTHING for me. I hate beer sometimes. Useless piss water.

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