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05 May 2011 @ 03:03 am
From Twitter 05-04-2011  

  • 10:13:03: For Star Wars Day,I'm gonna lightsaber duel w/ @introvertedwife.The winner cuts off the loser's head gaining their power.There can be only 1
  • 10:19:15: Growing up,I always wanted a lightsaber.Knowing me,the scene where Luke loses his hand,that'd be me except I'd be the one that cut it off.
  • 10:26:42: My craving for KitKats, like my craving to spill the blood of my enemies, has yet to be satisfied.
  • 10:28:48: Watched some old episodes of Ren & Stimpy last night and realized how much influence that show had on me. Explains why I'm such an Eeeediot!
  • 10:42:40: This sums up my sense of humor perfectly because it'll never stop being hilarious - http://youtu.be/iR6KjNmN2BA
  • 11:30:44: Why does the guy stare down the open low cut top of the busty girl? Because he can.
  • 11:31:37: I'm gonna hit ya, and you're gonna fall!
  • 13:10:34: There's a pretty long list of people Facebook thinks I would be friends with. Clearly Facebook doesn't know me and how unfriendable I am.
  • 13:13:36: Good call Facebook,I do actually know that person.Know and HATE them.Bad selection FB,unless you're matching on the "Enemies closer" basis
  • 13:20:34: People can't seem to find my profile,which explains why I have no facebook friends.Stupid security,disrupting my anti-social interaction
  • 13:22:18: I'll tell you my real name if you'll do a search for it. Just look for Mike Hunt. Ask your friends too. Someone must find Mike Hunt!!
  • 13:26:01: Try searching for my uncle,Colonel Angus.That profile might not be locked and it should show Mike Hunt & Colonel Angus being friends
  • 15:55:36: When I go completely and utterly insane,I want you to know I'm going to list each and every one of you in my blame letter!Hear that voices?!
  • 16:01:36: Wanna see what it looks like to see a guy really frustrated? Come by my desk, but unless you want to leave missing a finger, bring cookies.
  • 16:05:14: I JUST realized I might be looking forward to something. Better put a stop to that right now. Gotta get that disappointment ready instead.
  • 16:14:11: If I haven't said it lately, I'm nucking futs. I only hope I don't drive any of you to it either. This car is only big enough for one person
  • 16:16:55: RT @vinhluc: Twitter is the hobo on the corner yelling obscenities. Its no fun if nobody is there to listen.
  • 16:27:37: At the beginning of the day I pondered tweeting nothing but postitive uplifting tweets. Ha, I'm glad I only pondered it because...Woo!
  • 16:41:36: I can't believe how mad I was earlier. I can't believe it's not 5PM yet. I can't believe it's not butter!
  • 16:51:55: It's nearly time to go home, or as I call it, stop working and look busy time. Soon it'll be sleep on my bus and don't miss my stop time.
  • 16:54:32: I wonder what secret lists I'm on. I mean TWITTER lists. I don't need to know about your "To Kill" list with me on it!

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